The feedback below, from past clients of Douglas M. Colbert, Esq., speaks for itself. For more than 30 years, Douglas M. Colbert has been assisting people in the NYC area with a wide range of legal issues. Over the years, clients have returned to Mr. Colbert during situations requiring experienced, honest, and affordable legal counsel and representation.

Mr. Colbert's office was previously located in the landmark Empire State Building for over 35 years, then moved to the Lincoln Building and now located at 122 East 42nd Street, Suite 2100, New York, NY 10168. For added convenience, he also has a part-time office in Suffolk County. If you need legal assistance, do not hesitate to contact Douglas M. Colbert for a free telephone consultation.

Feedback from Past Clients

There are times in life when we do certain things out of sheer instinct. That is how I would describe my relationship with Douglas. I remember that when my wife of 31.5 years and I decided to get divorced, the first thing that came to our minds was: How do we find a lawyer? Knowing my wife, I knew she would not take the initiative, so I did the next best thing. I looked for the yellow pages and let my fingers do the walking.

After finding two names that appealed to me I flipped a coin, and after having read in detail about his background, I called the attorney in the Empire State Building. While meeting with Mr. Colbert we realized we had a good friend in common. When sharing my experience with my good friend he laughed and said: "you are in good hands."

From the moment I first met Douglas I knew that things would go well because of the sense of professionalism that I perceived from the onset. Douglas was always available to answer any questions, and my divorce case was expedited so that I never felt a need to inquire about how my case was proceeding. I would like to add that his paralegal (Maria) was very effective in explaining details that I may have overlooked. His fees are modest and affordable. I recommend Douglas M. Colbert for any legal matters that any person or family may have.

Jesus M. C.

Finding representation is the last thing you want to worry about when you want Joint Custody, Visitation with your child & Dismissal of an Order of Protection against you at an emotionally stressful time. You can't just go with the most expensive lawyer or a reasonably priced lawyer but need one that you feel comfortable with handling your case. After countless interviews I came across Douglas M. Colbert. The time and attention and advice was extremely helpful. My stress level immediately lowered. He provided great insight and kept things in focus. His knowledge, his contacts and his ability to network to push things forward paved the way for a successful case. I was completely happy with the results achieved and somewhat surprised that it went beyond what was typical.

He understood the delicateness of the matter and fostered a friendly environment. The professionalism, the courtesy and friendly talk made the entire ordeal that much more bearable. Should any situation arise, I would definitely reach out to him for representation. I recommend you consult with Douglas regarding your situation.

Edgar M.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my utmost enthusiastic gratitude and heartfelt warmth and affection to you for the complete undivided, unconditional attention, focus and representation you provided in my behalf during the past years throughout my emotionally difficult deeply troubling relationship and turbulent dealings with my dysfunctional, intolerant unreasonable and unreachable mother and brother and our convoluted quagmire and maze of property problems and legal turmoil in court, preparing for court and in delicate and complex negotiations and strategy. Your complete comprehension of my situation piloting the best course to navigate achieved the best result possible for me. It presented a relentless challenge and with your brilliance, legal knowledge and experience I survived the ordeal to continue to care for my own family and feel human and whole. I also would like to express my total appreciation to your associates, especially Maria who introduced me to you and was always unconditional in her support, total in her understanding, comforting to me as well by her experience, knowledge and her compassionate guidance.

Douglas, please know that it is with pride that when I describe this period in my life I speak of you in the highest regard and exude confidence when I pass along and share with others the great work and best result you always achieved for me. I so totally thank you as does Jonathan, Natalia and Nicole, the people so dear to me.


Kenneth L.

Doug represented my wife and I in the purchase of our current home - co-op in Manhattan - and we were very satisfied with the service. It was a pleasure working with him and his assistant Maria. I would and have recommended Doug to friends. He's a very competent lawyer and will represent you well. He's an "old hand" at his trade - and that is exactly the type of person you want representing you - someone who's been through the process countless times and knows it inside and out, which Doug does. Perhaps the best part about retaining Doug is his availability and patience. I've spent hours on the phone with him at all times of day and night, and even when he's not there he does get back to you. He is patient - there were many things I did not understand which he took the time to explain to me. You don't feel rushed when you're speaking with him. The conversations we had were genuinely pleasant experiences. Even now I still call Doug from time to time with questions and he's always willing to help. His fees were reasonable to begin with, but considering all of the aforementioned benefits of retaining Doug, it is definitely a worthwhile investment. I heartily recommend him to anyone.

Pastor Ulysses W.

Mr. Colbert is a trustworthy expert and has given me valuable advice with reasonable fees. I have recommended him to many of my business associates and have always gotten positive feedback. If you need legal representation, don't hesitate - he and his friendly staff will take good care of you.

John R., Ph.D. ~ Psychologist and author of Positive Directions!

Dear Mr. Colbert,

I am writing this letter to thank you for bringing my personal injury case to a satisfying conclusion. There were times over the last five years when I lost the belief that anything would ever be resolved in this matter. Thanks to your tenacity of purpose and refusal to give in to the delaying tactics of the opposing sides, I am very glad to be the recipient of the settlement award. I most certainly will highly recommend you to any of my family and friends who need legal help.

Yours Sincerely,

Norma T. D.

I have used Douglas M. Colbert and his very conscientious and friendly team for two building closings in recent years. The first was a difficult closing due to the many violations and title issues to sort out, and the second was much more straight forward. In both cases the service was efficient, timely and cost efficient. He has offered advice on a variety of legal issues over the years, and I recommend his services without hesitation.

Jerry S.

About 10 years ago I was referred to Douglas Colbert by a friend of mine who was his client. I was in the process of buying my first home. I knew absolutely nothing about buying a home. He spent hours on the phone with me explaining the process one step at a time, and before I knew it, I had taken a 101 class on real estate with Douglas. I was impressed with his extensive knowledge and negotiation skills. Shortly before the closing of the house, we discovered that we would be unable to get an occupancy certificate due to an illegal extension the seller had done to the kitchen in the back of the house. Getting this permit would cost about $2500, and I could not afford it. The seller did not want to pay for it as he was ready to back out of the deal. Douglas negotiated with the broker and got them to pay the $2500 to me during the closing. I have since been a repeat client and have referred several of my friends to Douglas over the years.

Douglas Colbert is a dedicated competent professional who is always willing to go that extra mile to help you out, and when he cannot help you, he refers you to someone who can.

Ingrid R. A.

Douglas M. Colbert has done so much to make my situation better and because of him it has improved tremendously. I lost my son for a brief period that seemed like an eternity because of the court system; it felt as though it was a never ending battle that I was surely going to lose, but through thorough research in finding an honest and genuine lawyer I stumbled across Mr. Douglas Colbert, and with his hard work, effort, and dedication to achieving the most positive outcomes for his clients, not only has he acquired much success he fought to get my son back.

There are not many lawyers who I can honestly say are sincere and passionate about their client's concerns and needs. But Mr. Colbert is more than a hired lawyer he is also someone I consider a friend.

The staff works efficiently to get the job done and make sure all questions and concerns related to your case are answered in a timely fashion and with clarity.

The atmosphere is very friendly, welcoming, and not only that, the location and hours of operation are very convenient. There have been many instances where I needed to contact the office after hours, so I sent them an e-mail and the response was never a day late, it was always on time.

When it comes to business, money is almost always a top priority, but with Mr. Colbert he is very understanding of financial hardships and is willing to work with you, not against you.

Thank you Mr. Douglas Colbert for all your services and hard work in getting my son back. Just when I thought all the odds were against me and there was no other way to go but downhill, your inspiration and positive words of wisdom and motivation gave me the strength and willpower to fight the battle and win. If ever I run into someone needing legal services you will be the first to know.


I have had Douglas Colbert as my lawyer for more than three years; it was the best decision I EVER made. The search for a lawyer for my divorce came to an end when Douglas answered my call. He is patient, reliable, informative and above all professional in handling everything involving my case. Douglas takes the time to explain everything and anything concerning my case or any other legal process that came my way. His services are invaluable as well as the staff that supports him. There is no other lawyer I would recommend; Douglas Colbert is the complete package any one person can hope for in this crazy legal world. 

Alexandra Velez

Immensely knowledgeable, Experienced & Well connected, Engages in tireless advocacy for his client. I felt at ease immediately, knowing that I was in good hands. Engages in thorough post advocacy care for his clients. 

Marlene Butler


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